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A Scarlet Collection of Monsters and Madmen

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat; well at least not this time…

A book that’s taken me nearly a decade to complete with the brilliant help and collaboration of real life monsters and madmen. The very same monsters and madmen who I fell head over heels in love with, and who captured me and released me long before their dark personal urges buried me in the garden to grow among the wild roses.

A midst their darkness and passion I was introduced to my own dark existence, which is an introduction that I never fathomed nor expected along the road to hell. For those who have desired to descend into the insanity and to know the deepest parts of my gothic soul, and where I hid the blood soaked corpses along the road of vice and transmutation this collection of horrorotic tales awaits your prying and most curiously debauched eyes.

As the eighth great bastard grandniece of Mary Shelley; and Lord ByronI am more than in awe of reading the linked article to see that she published her book Frankenstein exactly 200 years before I finished this very novel of erotic tales of horror. It’s as if her blood still flows through these eccentric veins breathing new life into me, fueling a frenzy to follow the course that I have always envisioned since I was in my youth. 

A Tribute to the Monsters and Madmen:
For those who helped me create this book, if you are reading this, thank you for sharing your madness. I cannot wait to share what we have created together over a decade of carnage and carnality. 

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