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The Eternal Question:
“What do you do?”

“I’m a 3 Ring Circus and One Woman Show”.

​This question has been asked by those still living under the mental rule of western society for quite some time. And well to put it lovingly by my first Master and Owner who coined the phrase for me to use when people inquire about my proclivities in the bohemian underworld I find it to be the most suiting to embodying just exactly what it is that I do. But for those who desire to know more I’m glad to answer your questions in the following list and project sectors below:

Bella BloodLust
In 2012 I debuted my website to assist in displaying my endless performance art endeavors below is a list of realms that I am well known for, internationally published, indexed or featured in Independent Film, or featured in as a superheroine in the world of comic’s and collectibles. 

Rubenesque Nude Model
Specializing in Historical Iconography, Fetish & Alt. Couture Fashion
– Background in Set Design, Pose Coaching, Makeup & Styling 
-Internationally Published since 2015

Burlesque Siren
-Internationally Indexed since 2016
-Debuted 1st Show February 2018

*Old World Courtesan & Mistress of Ceremonies
Specializing in Grand Introductions for Circus Performers of all kinds from The West Coast to The Northern Troupes. 

*The Oracle
Where Psychic Bella brings her Fortune Telling to The Stage for Freak Shows & Circus Performances

Independent Film Star
– Featured in SteamDream Documentary at Cannes Film Festival 2015
-Featured as an Extra in Film “The Divine Fury” 2019

Bella BloodLust in “The BloodSlayers”
Rubenesque Superhero for Red Skye World Comics & Collectibles 
– Featured at Zappcon 3 2016 

Bella BloodLust
Horrorotica Writer & Internationally Published Author 
Past Works: Recipes for The Pagan Soul Cookbook
Present Works: A Scarlet Collection of Monsters & Madmen Coming Halloween 2018

Adult Industry Positions

Mistress Belladonna BloodLust 
Intoxicating Old World Lifestyle Mistress circa 2005
BDSM & Lifestyle Educator who Hosts Monthly Classes & Workshops for The BDSM Community
– Located at The Scarlet Gardens in California, Colorado and Featured as a Guest Domme at Pandora’s Box NYC

Buxom Bella 
Web Cam Model 

Burlesque Siren 
– ​Featured Twice in this listing for Educational Purposes as Burlesque is a vital part of the Adult Industry 

Past Positions in The Adult Industry Field 
Phone Sex Voice Over Artist

Psychic Bella
Shadows Into Light Spiritual Services Temple & Archive 
Psychic Medium – Shaman –  Pranic Healer – Ordained Minister (Priestess) – Spiritual Adviser 
Since 2008 after solving a cold case and freeing an innocent man from prison for the crime six weeks before he was sentenced to death by lethal injection. I found my truest purpose and highest calling and have been applying my Native American Shaman roots to healing the world in applied holistic methods that are as unique to each spiritual client as the very situation itself. I’m currently in school to obtain my credentials for the very position that I’ve done for local law enforcement for the past ten years now. But that does not prevent me from helping families privately to solve cold cases as well as ensuring my regular clients are able to find solutions to often times otherworldly problems. 

Strawberry Coquette’s Wild Bohemian Patisserie
Vegan & Gluten Free French Patisserie Creator 
Booked for Private Events & Formal Parties 

Past Experience in Cannabis Industry & Current Talents
Trimmer, Edibles Baker & Creator, Balm & Salve Maker, Tincture & Tea Maker, Plant & Clone Sitter, 
-Still available for hire to the right community or dispensary 


When people as politely What do you do? My mind swims with answers as each of these professions and positions changes weekly, monthly or seasonally to accommodate my schedule as well as those I am privately booked to work with on one or more of these various artistic and professional endeavors. Those annotated with an asterisk (*) are positions that are expanding currently and/or are ones that I fill the shoes for on very special occasions.

​At the core of my very soul I always have been and always will be a writerBut for those times I’m not writing erotic tales of slaughtering my characters in horror stories I find that to balance my life and my passions with these endless projects and endeavors to create the new golden age of humanity in bohemia noir to be the primary core of my life and existence. Ultimately an old world muse if you will.

By day I work in freelance media in various forms to joining forces with amazing crews and firms all over the country on a project by project basis. It varies with each job and the duration changes drastically there within; but my professional forte is bringing logistical planning to an absolute pinpoint efficiency, public relations work as well as bringing together large scale projects for crews of people with little to no added stress to the mountain of approaches it takes to finalize high fashion photography shoots with those whom I currently collaborate with. From stock modeling, to set design, styling and makeup to historical iconography and prop loans, to starring in films and assisting the crews behind the scenes a midst the magic of showbiz I find myself grateful every single day to work within my network of oddities collector’s and location savvy crew. Together we can bring any dream to life. 

The majority of my work by night and on weekends is delegated to my underworld lifestyle clients and my performances as a burlesque siren and within the art and circus communities. However when my time is not taken up with these primary areas of work or creative ventures, I find that writing, cooking, baking, creating a sumptuous life together with those that I love and sharing long intellectual conversations with others on my brilliant wavelength to be the ideal way to indulge in the finer things in life.

​I also specialize in photography and building up portfolios for models, makeup and hair stylists as well as shooting nude models for special events and social movements that are very close to my heart. With the sumptuous life I have lead and all the wonderful talents I’ve gained along the way now it makes perfect sense why the answer eternally remains to…What do you do? 

I’m a 3 ring Circus and One Woman Show 
Pull up a Velvet Lined Chair; I’m just getting started. 

For as long as I can remember vampires and the dark seduction and dynamics of predator and prey was one of many things that interested me. Blood and it’s connection to life and death, the human obsession with immortality along with many other visual discoveries started me on the journey that I still am on to this very day. .

Bella BloodLust

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