Intoxicating Old World Lifestyle

Intoxicating Old World Lifestyle
with Mistress Bella BloodLust

Over Fifteen Years BDSM Lifestyle Experience & Education
Professionally Trained in Old Guard by Mistress Sara Huebsch of Haus of Hamburg
Royal Ambassador to the OWK
Guest Domme Featured at The World Famous Pandora’s Box NY

Are you aching to explore a world of dark carnal velvet seduction?

Permit intoxicating old world Mistress Belladonna BloodLust into your perverse and filthy mind and I promise; my darling. You’ll never want to leave.

With an intellectual prowess and cruel yet sweet sophisticated charm, I’ll have you crawling on hands and knees behind the ivy clad gates of The Scarlet Gardens begging to search for what forbidden fruit waits to be tasted and hungrily devoured in ritualized and delicate porcelain hands.

From an endless realm of historical and modern role play scenarios, old guard, corporal punishment, medical play, to an ever infamous menagerie of fetishes to indulge, together we’ll find exactly what you’re looking for after I peer and swim into that decadent mind of yours until you find yourself transforming in the delicate games of Mistress and slave in ways you never before knew or imagined.

Are you ready for a once in a lifetime experience with The Red Queen?