Welcome to The Scarlet Gardens

I feel your curious eyes upon me; there’s no secret as to why you’ve found this velvet underworld of sensual debauchery

Take your key and wander behind the ivy clad iron gate into the erotic and intoxicating old world of the one and only Mistress Bella

Perhaps what you’re searching for is education, training or a mentor from the intoxicating old world lifestyle who captures a decadent energy that is from another time, place, another underworld entirely…

Perhaps you’ve been aching to serve, surrender and submit to a queen who’s explored these scarlet gardens and many others along the path to vice and who lived in this underworld for over sixteen years now in every conceivable role; from slave, concubine and courtesan to lifestyle Mistress and Scarlet Queen. 

Perhaps you ache to read and explore what it’s like from every role in the lifestyle from years of experience behind and in front of the whip on bent and worshiped knees to capture a newly discovered desire within the nocturnal pulse of your debaucherous soul? But maybe you’ve been here all along for centuries within the iron gates and overgrown haunted trails leading towards La Maison BloodLust, remembering who you truly are and awakening to your dark and salacious abandon in the wilderness of my erotic world. 

It does not matter what brought you here my dark and devious darling, what is most meaningful is that your eagerness to please and tantalizing curiosity beckons and beguiles you into a world of eroticafetish and lifestyle videostutorials and articles as well as endless history into not only the World of BDSM but into the private tales and exploits of years living within the carnal pages of this blood soaked book where Mistress Belladonna BloodLust still reigns, captures, conquers and inspires you with sweet intoxicating cruelty to obtain things in this world that you never knew existed; until now. 

Now all you need to do my pretty pet, is too collect your key and unlock a door that your soul has been waiting for so long to enter. With that my darling, let O/our journey begin.

Toujours Sanglante, 
Mistress Bella BloodLust

Intoxicating Old World Lifestyle Mistress


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