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Who Is Bella BloodLust?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
       By any other name would smell as sweet.”

~William Shakespeare

Every good tragedy turned love story always starts with a beautiful woman and a name, her name was Sara I met her in a time and space in my reverse engineered timeline, where not only didn’t I know where or who I was, but didn’t even realize that I’d already endured the longest part of my epic journey and was quite battered, bruised, and broken in many ways without the knowledge that I was so, she was my first set of eyes in my darkest most blind hours on and in this world…

          Not many know but my name is Jessica, the only identification to my being that it ever truly registered was the fact that it translates to “wealthy” a quality I very much embody now in the richest most golden times of my present incarnation. When I was unable to feel, so dissociated from the harshest times of my life, I didn’t register, feel or radiate anything, not even my name, and She found this to be such a tragic aspect of my condition on this planet, more about that later, but to truly know that I from the inside of the deepest parts of my core, to the fibrous electric currents of my flesh and soul, that I was a beautiful woman not a broken girl, not a tarnished, jaded creature, but a true, honest, glorious and beautiful woman, was my true salvation. 

          So at the age of 17 one week shy of my 18th birthday I was named Belladonna and so my true journey and first chapter of my life began…….

          For as long as I can remember vampires and the dark seduction and dynamics of predator and prey was one of many things that interested me. Blood and it’s connection to life and death, the human obsession with immortality along with many other visual discoveries started me on the journey that I still am on to this very day. 

          Watching the predator stalk the prey has always been something that I’ve found more than exhilarating and thanks to Avant-Garde artists, fashion particularly of the dark and bizarre became an instant addiction. As a child I was obsessed with dark literature of the likes of Poe, Stoker & Shakespeare that opened the doors to the psyche and the dark recesses of the human mind, these aspects of psychology will always fascinate me. 

          In my early teens I discovered the subculture my soul had always been searching for, finally others that answered those long hidden fantasies, what precisely made each and every one of us different from the rest of those that shared the same existence but perceived this world quite differently. In the midst of the rave, vampire and Goth underground I found myself immersed not only in the lovely culture of the reinvented Generation X, but I found a select section of deviants that matched not only my own intelligence and experiences thus far, but had something more to offer, that even I was still searching for in that present time. With the help, guidance, talent and knowledge bestowed upon me by friends and mentors, I was introduced to this incredible world of decadence and debauchery.

          That’s when I met, Sara… 

          After she was informed by her dear Belladonna that the blood of Lord Byron and Mary Shelley flow’s through these veins, romantic eccentricity is the epitome of my very soul, she fell in love with me that night, and opened an entirely new world up to me, one in which I became Hers for safe keeping. 

          Since then this blood fetishist has been so many beings and worn so many faces and still do to tease and titillate the sensual world around me, and I’ve been reborn a few times since then from Belladonna to Bella BloodLust. For passion is my greatest desire in life to live if fully and without blood to pumping through my artistic veins, well I’d have no reason for living, the beautiful woman has been transformed into a living, breathing Goddess incarnate.

          Welcome to my world, my three ring circus as those few rare and special close confidants have bestowed upon my world such a title, pull up a chair, you have front row seats, the best seat in the house, to the sexiest, sensual world of the one and only…

Bella BloodLust


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